Wednesday 27/09/2006, 19:44

I have 3 questions:
1) What happened with Mitch's lvl 3 head ? smiley
2) Why Lost Hog lvl 5 is umm ... yellow ? smiley
3) Why Lao has that smiley face at lvl 5 ? smiley

Wednesday 27/09/2006, 20:22

4) Why lvl 3 Saddy is green ? smiley

Friday 29/09/2006, 21:34

Well, I think these are really good questions!

Saturday 30/09/2006, 00:42

Easily explain cause someone had an imagination and used it. lol

Saturday 30/09/2006, 05:35

I always thought Saddy got turned into a zombie, and lao was just plain cool like that smiley

Saturday 30/09/2006, 11:14

Just funny answers

1.)Mitch had an accident and there wasn`t any doctor
2.)it`s just a paint
3.)lao`s face on lvl5 is very ugly
4.)because she drunk alien lemonade

Don`t believe me


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