What do these abilities do??

Wednesday 27/09/2006, 22:21

Ashigaru's "strike back" ability.
Ambre's "courage" ability.
Vansaar's 5th level ability

Thursday 28/09/2006, 16:10

Strike back allow makes you opponent pick the first fighter in battle one.
Ambre ability gives you an attack bonus if you attack first
Vansaar is 1.2 XP meaning your cards get extra xp points when they win and he is in the battle

Friday 29/09/2006, 12:35

It's all in the game rules.......just read them.

Friday 29/09/2006, 19:16

Readings for kids!!

Saturday 30/09/2006, 09:02

Oh... I better close my comic store then!smiley


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