offline anique Novice  
Sunday 01/10/2006, 10:15

I got a problem with net now my fairrplay level is very loww....
Admins can u plzzz help me...smiley
I would have to leave this game....
Is there any method throgh which i can transfer my Clintz ??

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Sunday 01/10/2006, 16:22

I'm not an admin but I don't know of any way to transfer clintz or cards. You have to start over.

offline LazyHorse Imperator League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Sunday 01/10/2006, 20:58

Fight a lot of battles and finish them all the way. In the beginning, you might want to turn yourself invisible and challenge players so that people would not avoid fighting with you. Fight lots of EVO matches if you got cards you need leveled, people playing evo tend to be a wee bit less picky about their opponents.

offline The Unkown Imperator  
Sunday 01/10/2006, 21:28

The only thing i can say is make another account my fair play is 4% an i still cant get it back to 1% or 0%

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