offline Scooter Hero  
Tuesday 04/07/2006, 22:35

I just started in ELO and I was about to win a match, when my opponent timed out. I noticed my ELO rank didn't change and I assume his didn't either.

If ELO is supposed to be the more strategic mode for the best players, how could this be allowed to happen? Or is it actually a "strategy" to time out when you're about to lose?

Am i wrong about this? I hope I am. If you can just time out to save your rating, that's just plain ridiculous.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 05/07/2006, 17:20

This is a sensitive subject.. because timeout can -really- happen for a
mobile player, but we have a system in place that will inflict penalty if
too many timeout in ELO are happening with a specific player in a short
Also, we expect people in ELO to spot out the "bad sheep" and avoid

offline hudy Master  
Friday 07/07/2006, 08:25

Unfortunatelly it is not only ELO staff. it happens everywhere around the game.

I played player Called PauFouf or something like that. He put all in one card, lost and? time out smiley
I lost everything and he is laughing of me right now smiley

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 07/07/2006, 15:47

You shouldn't have lost everything, if at least round 1 has been played, you should have get character experience anyway.
Timeout in ELO is very wrong because players use(d) it for rating protection. In normal game, it's less a matter because you'll still get your experience.

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Friday 07/07/2006, 16:47

Time to rethink your ELO system.

If anyone can exploit a hole without much technical merit then it's considered a severe security breach (at my job atleast).

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Saturday 08/07/2006, 06:53

There is already a system in place to penalise players who do "rating

offline xylitolian09 Senior  
Saturday 08/07/2006, 12:02

I have experienced the same thing at least 2 times tonight if not 5! it is the higher players doing it when they try a lower placed person like myself (senior level 7) and they don't win 1st round outright they just close the window or let it time out, and it isn't because they are mobile as they make their first choices fast enough!

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