offline AOD_CKANE Guru  
Sunday 16/07/2006, 17:10

Can you implement a toggle that appends an (EVO) to the end of your Screen Name.

Problem is When I change from CitizenKane to CitzenKan_EVO it messes up my invites... because the invite is based of your screen name i.e.

It's probably easier to change the sponsor link to use the player ID, but I would also like to not have to change my name and keep a it as CitizenKane.

offline Myrilith Veteran  
Sunday 23/07/2006, 22:12

I think there should be an option to include a short (like... six characters, maybe) message that would be appended to your name. This would let people easily show other players what mode they're playing in, like EVO. It could also let guilds be abbreviated in the box so that players don't have to change their screen names into something ridiculous. I think it would make the entire listing a lot more tidy.

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