offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Thursday 17/08/2006, 08:32


We are thinking of removing the level up points bonus during tournaments periods.
This will make tournaments harder for high levels players but more accessible to everyone.
What do you think?

offline TnC-Macthorpe Imperator Tea
Thursday 17/08/2006, 09:54

It would certainly bring back an element of skill into the tournaments. Having just won a tournament by leveling characters I would be in favour of it. If not abolishing the level up points then halving them might be a decent compromise.

offline Zubbus Veteran  
Thursday 17/08/2006, 09:57

I think it's a good idea.
It's a bit strange to see a player can get a huge boost by preparing a lot of cards about to level.

Another thing may be to split into different formats. 1 type of tournament can't please everyone. Well, can't please as many people as 2 types anyway.

This may not be relevant but it's the closest thread to stick this question into.

I am sure you guys already have tons of things you want to put into the game. I have personally NEVER seen a game so rapidly improved especially for fair play as this one.
Still, why not have a forum just for suggestions and ideas, separate from the regular discussions, so it's easier to find (or ignore) them?

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Thursday 17/08/2006, 13:14

It's a good idea.
I was surprised that you got extra points for leveling in the first place.

offline VanillaMummy Master The Gathering
Thursday 17/08/2006, 16:06

Yeah, I don't think that you should get more points when your character levels in a tournament, since a character leveling should be a prize enough!

offline white ninja Master THe Looneys
Thursday 17/08/2006, 19:50

Yeah, i think its a good idea. fraggle i think you should make a tournament that, lose your out of the tournament. and whoever is last standing loses. i think that would be cool

offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Friday 18/08/2006, 02:07

Yes.. do it

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Friday 18/08/2006, 08:36

Hmmm preparing cards takes a lot of time......

and you are not garanteed a tournament win....since an other player might be doing the same thing......

you can only place high in one tournament, after that all your cards are maxed out and you have to prepare an other set of card => takes a lot of time and a lot of clintz.....

Keep it for now, but if you change then please give a message before changing it.

offline crowley098 Master  
Friday 18/08/2006, 09:27

Change it. people "are" doing it. or at least cut it in half.

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Friday 18/08/2006, 20:59

I'd like to play the Devil's Advocate for a moment and say yes, you can do this.

However, here's what's likely to happen. The game will stagnate into people playing Montana teams. The people who invest money in the game will of course have the best decks and always win tournaments. Not that that isn't nessecarily true now. However, like you yourself said before, it's a strategy.

If you're going to do this you're going to have to put other restrictions on tournaments. Characters like DJKorr, Lost Hogg (and his 1 turn kill band featuring Lao), and other such high power high damage character will own tourneys.

One thing you always have to consider is the effect any such sweeping change will have on the metagame.

Is EVOing during tournaments fair? I do it and I'll tell you that it is. Yes you can stack your deck to win. But how often can you really do this? Sure people do it. People also play 3 Copies of Don, Lost Hogg, and Lao. Is that really any more or less fair?

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