Thursday 12/10/2006, 16:41

Rumors were true, after many months spent away, he's finaly back in town. Tonight, at smileymidnightsmiley, the city welcomes back its wildest fighter...


Thursday 12/10/2006, 21:00

I recon its Kiki as its a bamboo foreground on the banner at the start and it has Kiki's outline on the card...

Friday 13/10/2006, 01:37

With Kiki back, do you think they'll bring others back to town, like Sum Sam, DJ Korr, General, etc.

Friday 13/10/2006, 14:07

It doesn't matter since having a 2006 edition isn't the same as having a 2004 AND a 2006 edition.

I'm not impressed.

Friday 13/10/2006, 17:30

Does the new Kiki has the same stats at lvl 5 as the old one?

Friday 13/10/2006, 17:50

The new Kiki has new stats that allows him to be authorized in ELO mode.
Bringing back old characters has always been planned, players are attached to theses characters and seems to want them back smiley
Calculation of the % of your collection is now based on the total of characters that are available now (meaning that you can go above 100% if you're Lucky
enough to have some collectors), so the 95% star is more accessible to everyone.

Sunday 15/10/2006, 17:30

Ok. Then delete that email I sent to the help support.

It makes no sense to have the percentage of the collection you have go over 100%. I now have 10# % and I'm missing like 10 characters.

I see a down hill turn when it comes to site improvements/add-ons. Do you guys even listen to your clients anymore? hmm maybe I'm just being pestimistic. Sorry

Sunday 15/10/2006, 18:44

Actually we have only hear only good things from our players about the re-release of Kiki and the new calculation of %, thank you for asking.
You can take for example Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country if you are looking for examples of 10x% in a game.
We think it was actually too hard to reach the 95% collectors star with the collectors beeing so expensive nowadays, it's another way to make life more fair to everyone on Urban Rivals.

Sunday 15/10/2006, 19:24

You guys should put another star for players that have more than half os the collectors or something like that


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