Thursday 12/10/2006, 19:30

NOT in that perverted way!

But we are recruiting for new members, and we extend our warmest invitation to you. We are a small, laid back guild of casual gamers. We offer guides and tips for both players who have and have not purchased credits, as well as on ELO play. The link to our guild is as follows:

We look forward to seeing you.

Friday 13/10/2006, 17:36

Are we too sexy for you? Come on people, don't be shy! Apply today!

Yeah Kiki do that disco dance! No Kiki don't go there! NOOOO~

Help me plz I'm addicted to the bathroom on the second floor...

Saturday 14/10/2006, 20:02

If horny is not perverted then what is it?

Saturday 14/10/2006, 20:31

The bathroom knows the truth!


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