offline razorborne Guru Army of Darkness
Monday 19/06/2006, 03:42

Or does ambre suck? hugo gives 6 attack to everyone. therefore, you
need to use at least 4 pillz to beat hugo's ability with Ambre, and that's
only attacking. defending, hugo beats Ambre by 6 no matter how many
pillz you use. I suppose if you're running a bunch of 8-power guys and
your plan is to blitz in at the beginning for ten fury damage, then you'd
probably want Ambre, but I don't see that as a legitimate strategy.

offline Dr Ido Master  
Monday 19/06/2006, 08:17

Well, not really smiley. The attack of your character is the result of its power, multiplied by the number of pillz you use. If you increase you power by two, you will increase the effectiveness of each pillz spent. For example, if you have a character with a power of 3 and use 3 pillz, he gets an attack of 9, with Ambre, its power is now 5 and with 3 pillz he has an attack of 15 ( 6), but if your character had an attack of 5 and you spend 5 pillz, its attack rises from of 25 to 35 with Ambre (5 X (5 2)). I would say that Hugo is best for character with small power and Ambre is best when you have characters with good power that you want to make even better.

offline razorborne Guru Army of Darkness
Tuesday 20/06/2006, 05:12

I'm confused. how does minion power come in to this? as far as I can
tell, if a character is attacking with three pillz, it doesn't matter
whether his power is 1 or 8, he gets 6 from Ambre or hugo. more
pillz, and Ambre gives him more. less pillz (or blocking) and Ambre
gives him less. it's like having the bangers half the time. then again,
timber's like having half the clang all the time, and he's fine. I guess it's

The other guy I wanted to ask about is Ashigaru. can you please
explain why he's good. let's say you have an 8-card deck. one is
Ashigaru. when you get him (50%) you go second. when you don't
(50%) you go first (50%) or second (50%). that means that 75% of the
time, you go second. without him, you get it 50% of the time anyway.
he adds an extra 25%, effectively. (the 25% where you got him and
wouldn't go second anyway randomly) maybe if he let you block every
round he'd be good, since I agree controlling match-ups is powerful,
but he just doesn't seem worth it if all he does if increase your odds

Oh, and one last thing (since this isn't long enough already). since
Cancel Leader is a bonus, would it be possible to make a deck of, say,
8 Hugos and get 24 with each 7-power guy? that seems somehow
broken. yeah, it'd cost a lot of money, but you could do it with others
too (Bridget comes to mind, and I'll grudgingly admit 8 power is
worth the 'only attacking' restriction of four Ambres on the field). Or
have you already set it up so this doesn't work?

offline Z Earth Novice  
Tuesday 20/06/2006, 05:46

About Ashigaru's ability, a new rules has been introduced recently: the
player who will start the match is no more random but the one with the
"strongest team" (sum of cards current level), except of course if you
got ashigaru smiley This modification helps make his ability more useful.

The "bonus" of the leader is "cancel leader", wich means that as soon
as 2 leaders (even if they are the same, contrary to the global bonus
rule), the ability will be cancelled.

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