Thursday 20/07/2006, 03:49

I decided to buy some credits from paypal this morning. After compleating the transaction the message appeared saying "may take a few moments to process."

That was about 11 hours ago, so I was just wondering how long a "moment" is and how long does it normaly take?

Thursday 20/07/2006, 05:57

If you paid using echeck, it may take up to 3 to 5 days to be processed by paypal. Otherwise, it might take 3 minutes
at most.

Thursday 20/07/2006, 17:32

I need a code

Thursday 20/07/2006, 19:29

3 to 5 days eh?
Paypal just never seems to want to do anything to make me not hate them like I do.
Man I hate waiting... especialy when fun and/or money is involved... O well... (friggin a.d.d.) smiley

Wednesday 02/08/2006, 19:10

I use PayPal and as soon as I make the payment I get sent back to Urban Rivals and my credits are there. Once they didn't reflect I refreshed the page and wow there tey were.

Thursday 03/08/2006, 03:19

I use paypal and it takes me 2 or 3 days

Thursday 03/08/2006, 07:11

Chronic, if you used eCheck, there will always be a bit of delay. Credit cards payments are almost immediate. (We added an entry in Shopping Help to
clarify this)


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