offline dizzyhitman Master  
Thursday 10/08/2006, 17:59

If i use Copper who has power 2 and the ability power 5 and i use 3 pills on him he should have an attack of 21 right? because playin in matches it seems much more like the 5 power works just like a 5 attack

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Thursday 10/08/2006, 21:32

If you use 3 pillz on someone who has got power 7 then you got an attack of 28......if you use no extra pillz at all you will get an attack of 7, so plus 3 extra pillz (21) makes 28.......

i see a lot of people who are not counting the first pillz......

but that was off topic.....on topic; idea.....but you wrote "it seems", so maybe the game is correct and your interpretation is wrong....there is after all a chanche your player loses although he has got more attack points than his opponent.

offline Tyberriuss Senior Spirit
Friday 11/08/2006, 07:54

Yeah... it's called hostile circumstance smiley

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