Saturday 16/09/2006, 13:50

smiley On a card it ussually says how much it is worth by average Clintz well why is Vickie like Avg price : 69625 Clintz
when i try to sell it and i get like 200 from both katie - private......i don't get that?

isn't it rare....

Saturday 16/09/2006, 15:32

I'll buy it

Saturday 16/09/2006, 16:47

Ill buy it for 500

Saturday 16/09/2006, 16:51

You must set the amount of clints for private sales
Kate never gives a lot of clints don't worrysmiley

Saturday 16/09/2006, 17:12

With leaders kate gives 800 when there maxed

Saturday 16/09/2006, 19:10

Badaz when you sell public you set a price. The average is the average price of that card in the market that everyone is selling that card for.

Don't under sell Vickie. She's worth at least 20000 (thats cheap). Shame on Killo and Brasuka.


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