Saturday 28/10/2006, 16:16

Isn't its fair if we can sell cards even if we did'nt bought credits...?maybe if WE COULD REACH A CERTAIN LEVEL to sell and/or sell 3 or less cards per day or week?

Saturday 28/10/2006, 16:52

This issue is brought up many times before....and rejected every time.

It is really cheap to buy credits........or you could ask someone to give you a credit code in exchange for some cards.....i dont know if clint city aproves this though....

Saturday 28/10/2006, 17:04

No it is prohibited.

Saturday 28/10/2006, 22:08

This system helps keep multiaccounters from loading up on 5 star cards

Sunday 29/10/2006, 21:07

I think i should be able to sell cards on market becasue im not aloud to put my credit card # on the internet

Sunday 29/10/2006, 21:25

We do understand there are fair and honests players that cannot purchase credits easily and they miss the selling feature.
Unfortunatly, there is also a small amount of unfairs players that would be able to completly destroy the future of the game by abusing the system if
we do not have this rule in place.

Tuesday 31/10/2006, 06:35

How much for mobile phone in lithuania that 50 credits costs?

Tuesday 31/10/2006, 21:46

Okay i want to buy credits if i go to a hotel because im going to the U.S soon can i use the phone an buy credits lol.


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