Sunday 29/10/2006, 14:02

I think there should be a room where you can choose your own characyers cos i have a good deck and i keep on getting the rubbish ones what do you think?

Sunday 29/10/2006, 15:41

Yes i agree

Sunday 29/10/2006, 21:16

No, cause then you get the same 4 cards and its would get boring using the same 4 cards, with the deck of 8 it changes it fight slightly

Sunday 29/10/2006, 21:22

As for now, that would dramatically change the game itself (adaptation IS important).
We have severals ideas of "differents" gameplay that could become reality in the future. However, please use the contact mail if you have suggestions
for the game, it allows us to centralize everything (and we do not have time to read the forum).
Thank you.

Sunday 29/10/2006, 21:58

Well just to add something, i used the forum so some ppl can tell what they think and after some days i wrote the mail with the link to my topic

Monday 30/10/2006, 04:46

Uh, you can manipulate the Deck to 8 cards as is. If you used 4 cards, and used doubles of each, it's the closest you can get to what you suggest.

Monday 30/10/2006, 14:11

Hehe, if that's the case, then maybe your deck is not really that good lol

Monday 30/10/2006, 18:44

Nah its just complicated dudes and dudetts

Monday 30/10/2006, 22:11



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