offline LuvBunny-EVO Hero Phoenix Of Time
Monday 30/10/2006, 05:19

I've noticed some players using not so nice language in there challenges. Can something be done about them? I'm here to have fun, not be sworn at.

offline ManInBlack Master KO Fighters Club
Monday 30/10/2006, 15:04

People can write in every language they want

offline darkace81 Senior  
Monday 30/10/2006, 18:40

True people should talk wat ever they want its no big deal smiley

offline new001 Veteran Tea
Monday 30/10/2006, 22:12


offline BlackIce Senior Blood Arena
Tuesday 31/10/2006, 02:08

Yeah i wouldnt want to be sworn at either this game is for fun not fur cussing some1 out for no reason or because they lost gives them no right to do that

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Tuesday 31/10/2006, 07:18

If you are sworn, please take a screenshot and send a message to (You can find more explanations in "contact-us" section).
We have ways to prevent any player from talking to the other players smiley

offline BlackIce Senior Blood Arena
Tuesday 31/10/2006, 22:46

How do we take screenshots??

offline kv NIVROTH Imperator KINGS OF VALACHIA
Wednesday 01/11/2006, 08:01

With the button called PRINTSCREEN duhhhh!?!?! and then you open a viewing program , as microsoft paint, and press ctrl v (paste) and then save the picture smiley

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