Tuesday 31/10/2006, 02:07

Theres a guild i want to join but i dont know how never seen anything about joining help plzsmiley

Tuesday 31/10/2006, 08:39

There is a link on the guild site in the upper half, i think it says "propose in this gild"

Tuesday 31/10/2006, 12:20

Can you only be in 1 guild??

Tuesday 31/10/2006, 14:26

Yes you can only be in one guild...join Sith Knights if you want, click on my nickname, and then on sith knights, and then postulate to guild. i'll make sure you get in smiley

Tuesday 31/10/2006, 22:43

Well im in knights of the round table under the american flag i think ill switch to blood arena lol but thanks for the offer Saiha


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