offline Rg Bluzer Senior Rule Guild
Tuesday 26/12/2006, 20:09

Hi. Im asking why if you buy 1000 clintz in shop dont get a star in how can i get a higher rank and the ....smiley color of this yellow or green. Please tell me soon i need answer to this question,.

offline Cheunger Titan  
Tuesday 26/12/2006, 20:39

Don't leave the battles. also you need to buy the credits not just earn them

offline Obey Giant Titan  
Thursday 28/12/2006, 12:46

Ok it works like this...the credits you win is to allow the people that cant buy credits to obtain them and buy packs or decks...the reason why you dont get a star is because you must purchase credits...its just to indicate that you can sell on the market...and the reason why you cant sell on the maket without buying credits is to ensure that fraud doesnt occure...and the face is mearly to point out the fair play guys from the well not so fair play guys...its not 100% accurate because you do experience extensive problems sometimes with the internet but hey its just all happy dayssmileygood luck for the futuresmiley


offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Thursday 28/12/2006, 13:34

Ggs = good games, smiley

offline Killingshadow Hero  
Thursday 04/01/2007, 22:05

Tht means i`ll never be able to buy smiley

offline billy848 Master  
Friday 05/01/2007, 02:15

Well u can get the thingys when ever a tournament is if u place certin rank ull get sum i have 3 lol take a while tho

offline Kasiula Novice  
Friday 05/01/2007, 14:22 name' s is Kasiasmiley

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