Saturday 30/12/2006, 09:22

It has monkey in the name, and also Robot.....

Just that should make you want to join ^.^

here is the link

Saturday 30/12/2006, 09:53

I know you want to join smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Monday 01/01/2007, 00:54

Ill join lemme just rise back up on this game havnt played since augest on (tc)fear so i just made this but i love SRMTHFG the show so ill join i guess

Monday 01/01/2007, 14:53

Can i join i tryed to join a british guild but they denieyed me what does being in a guild actually do smiley

Tuesday 02/01/2007, 06:33

Yes just click on the link i think...


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