Thursday 04/01/2007, 19:06

Is there an incentive to join a guild? Bonus clintz or cards or training or something? Not being mercinary here just don't understand if it's a status thing or an actual advantage.

Friday 05/01/2007, 08:06

Well its both some guilds carry a legendry name take AOD for example or the fairplay for actual advantage well yes you get advice they have inner guild tournaments you crit clans you pick up many helpful hints in a good guild...but bonus clints and credits no its not a pocket advantage its a mind advatage if you know what i mean smiley

good luck for the futuresmiley

Friday 05/01/2007, 14:13

Warren, you forgot The Underdogs. LoL.

Soon, The Underdogs will join them in their ranks Bow wow. smiley

Gg ... always.

Friday 05/01/2007, 18:28

Gotcha, thanks for the info. Sounds like I need to look into the guilds a little bit before joining up then.

Saturday 06/01/2007, 08:27

Yeah fairplay forever smiley

Sunday 07/01/2007, 07:24

Wow i remember when i start AOD and we were just an upstart guild pissing ppl off by how fast we grew, and now we have acheived legendary status? anyway thanks sucidal for the shout out. yeah good guilds offer more then a "flag" to fly under. good guilds should have a few ppl that will do their best to help you obtain the answers you have about anything regarding the game, share tips, stratigies, and tons of other info that one may need.

Sunday 07/01/2007, 20:26

AOD and all thoz utha guilds(primarily AOD) betta watch outz cuz da N.S.L. iz commin fo all yalz.

P.S. we moved up from 25 ta 16 in a week sonsmiley

Monday 08/01/2007, 02:16

Greywire you don't have to point us out that just makes us more famous. we already know what you want to become, we were where you were their is a hunger and we like that you have it, in fact i liked it so much that i have personally laid off recruiting (not completely mind you) usa players to help boost your ranks, and if anyone has the question why? that is easily answered, because their aren't any other big usa guilds! the french have 50 to a 100 big guilds america has 1 and i hate that, monopilization does not help anyone in anything ever.
so we welcome compitition, as Ash says in evil dead "come get some!"

Monday 08/01/2007, 02:24

O and by the way if you don't take care of your players they will leave and find a guild that will give them the help that they need and want. and this isn't just for nsl it is for all guilds lookin to grow


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