offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Wednesday 24/05/2006, 08:51

What's so special about leaders?
What ability do they have?

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Wednesday 24/05/2006, 21:56

After maxing out the leader (5 stars) each leader gets an ability that the entire team can use. Some leaders increase your pill count, some increase the amount of experience your other cards get after winning a fight, and others increase your health.

offline Cannon Evo Novice  
Friday 26/05/2006, 13:10

Is ashigaru like the least wanted leader?

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Friday 09/06/2006, 19:02

They are all good in their own way. depends on how you want to stategixe your attack.

offline Belial Veteran  
Sunday 11/06/2006, 17:32

I have maxed out Ambre and Ashigaru....level 5...I dont know what these do yet..but...Ambre has (P)Team:Courage 2.....and Ashigaru has (P)Strike Back

offline Z Earth Novice  
Sunday 11/06/2006, 18:17

Team: Courage 2 means you'll get a increase of 2 powers for any of your
teammate if it's the first to strike in a round.
Strike Back: means you'll always wait for your opponent in the first round
of the match.
All powers will get a nice description on the website very soon.

offline Belial Veteran  
Monday 12/06/2006, 23:01

Ty Fraggle smiley

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