Wednesday 07/06/2006, 05:55

Hello everyone,

As you know, we are french and we may have made a few mistakes in
our translation of the site. If you see anything that seems oddly
written, bad grammar, or wrong tone, can you help us by telling us
how we should modify?

We want the english site to feels as much "natural" for a english (/
american/australian etc..) player as possible..


Friday 16/06/2006, 19:25

And finally
Bob Joby - 'been inviter to attend' should be 'been invited to attend'
Gina Glitt - 'keeps uses the marvels' should be 'keeps using the marvels'
Jackie - '19 years f age' should be '19 years of age'
Tyler - needs a T rather than a t (see I wasn't caught like I was with general that time!)

Friday 16/06/2006, 19:27

I have finally finished. I think I have been through every page on the site but I still probably missed something!
Any reward to make my hard work woth it? Something in the collector card line never goes amiss!

Saturday 17/06/2006, 14:18

I found alot too i should get a reward also

Saturday 17/06/2006, 22:54

I'm surprised no one saw this, since every time you post you stare at it
for a second or two. anyway, here's the quote:

Your message has been created, he will show up in the list after
validation by one of our community manager.

three (well, two and a half) things with this: First is the use of he. I
know in the romantic languages, everything has a gender, but, as I'm
sure you know, that isn't the case in english. He should be it.

the second problem is a simple missing 's' at the end of community

and the half issue is 'created'. while technically correct, it seems a bit
awkward. I'd suggest 'submitted' instead.

Saturday 17/06/2006, 23:45

I don't wish to seem rude or nasty in any way but several of the ones you picked have already been mentioned by me or someone else. Also some of your corrections are just plain wrong.
Belong's does not require an apostrophe,
'If you are an addict to statistics' maybe should be 'If you are addicted to statistics'

You did pick up a few I miised and I have noticed new ones in those as well:

'At the beginning of each fight, 4 characters are randomly select from your deck.'

'At the beginning of each fight, 4 characters are randomly selected from your deck.'


'It's up to you to decide wether you want to fight for a cause or be a mercenary and work as a freelance.'

'It's up to you to decide whether you want to fight for a cause or be a mercenary and work as a freelance.'

Sorry if I came across as a bit arrogant but I just have a thing about the misuse of the English language.

Sunday 18/06/2006, 08:42

Lol ya i was tired when looking but most of them are right smiley

Monday 19/06/2006, 12:36

New Cards
Melluzine - 'cruaulty' should be 'cruelty'
Leo - 'Leo find himself' should be ''Leo found himself'
Perle - 'the cybernetics implants' is either 'the cybernetic implants' or 'the cybernetics implant'. I would go for the first one.

Monday 19/06/2006, 15:55

Looking again at Leo 'Reconverted as a Living Dead hunter' does n't quite make sense. Maybe 'Retrained as a hunter for the Living Dead'. At the moment it seems to suggest that he himself is Living Dead. Unless thats the point!

Wednesday 21/06/2006, 03:52

Your Profile page!
At the top it should say 'go to the message boards' instead of messages boards,
At your recent battles bit,
'you made a draw with ...' would read better as
'you drew with ...'
and with the rankings, it says (number)th no matter what number it is. it should read 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and the rest xth. eg... 121st, 1342nd, 2653rd, 166th
Oh, the exception to the rule is 11th, 12th, 13th. Confusing, huh?

Wednesday 21/06/2006, 03:57

Oh, a couple more, still on profile...
'Others informations' should just be 'Other information',
and '... characters over 146' would probably be better as '... characters out of 146'


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