offline Roo Master  
Friday 16/06/2006, 12:52

I cant buy credits smiley Dont wanna get trouble, you know.
I wanna sell some cards that i leveld up. Then I can buy more cards. What can be done?


offline Heatwave Novice  
Sunday 18/06/2006, 08:20

I have the same problem to!

offline husky1 Novice  
Sunday 18/06/2006, 10:24

Play tournaments u can get 1 credit each tournament

offline razorborne Senior Army of Darkness
Monday 19/06/2006, 03:13

That's only if you get in the top half, and besides, even if you're on 24-7,
it'll still take 4 days, unlike donating a trivial amount of money, which
takes, say, a minute at most.

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