offline Drogba00 Master  
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 23:15

What is the best option? And if the ones for 20 credits are better which one should I buy?

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Thursday 21/09/2006, 02:04

8 cards in the deck worth 50 credits and you get a 5 STAR CARD WOOT!!

offline Drogba00 Master  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 08:07

So the 50 credits one is better? Can't I get 5 stars cards in the 20 credits packs?

offline -Xoric Titan lonely fighters
Thursday 21/09/2006, 09:43

I preffer buying 20's. deck packs have 1 guarantied 5 star card in it so that's more certainty.
and with buying 20's it just depends on what clans you are going for or what cards you are searching for. i personally preffered danger for a long time and ofcourse new blood when new cards come out again smiley

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 15:00

Depends on your collection, your play style, and how much real money you have.

If you are after the entire collection, and you have like 25% of it so far, 50 cred pack is good choice for you.

If you are a competitive player and just want certain cards AND you have reall money to waste, 20 cred clintz pack (although in general this pack is useless -- Clintz have to be upped in this pack) is for you -- since you really need to buy your cards on the market.

If you have a somewhat complete collection or you are looking for specific duplicate cards then market AND specific 20 cred Packs are for you.

New Blood is for everyone really, whenever a new card comes out.

There are more best practices to buying packs and any AOD members is more then free to ask me to go into detail -- in our forums.

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