Thursday 05/10/2006, 18:41

The words in the fighting list and those screens have a black shade now. Now it looks like it is from poor quality. Is it a problem with my pc or is it something the admins changed? If it is something the admins changed, what do u think of it? I think it is damn ugly!

Thursday 05/10/2006, 22:21

Yes we changed it today (along with a few others features).
We find it look better this way actually, but you're not the first to react badly to it, maybe we'll change it back tomorrow.

Friday 06/10/2006, 02:34

Yea it looks cheesey and low quality

Friday 06/10/2006, 04:02

I think you should because it does look ugly.

Friday 06/10/2006, 07:02

Ok thx for the info and the support smiley

Friday 06/10/2006, 08:34

Changed back smiley
Actually it looked very nice on Macs because, contrary to Windows, the font was smoothed.

Friday 06/10/2006, 08:59

smiley o ok.
I have a little question, if somebody challenges me i can now see his nationality and his rating in fair play, is it also possible to show the person's level?

Friday 06/10/2006, 09:07

We don't think adding levels would be good. As you know, a high level player could play with a small hand. We don't want people to refuse
challenges based on the opponent level.

Friday 06/10/2006, 09:14

O ok,yeah i just thought it would be more fair against new people, so it is easier for them. smiley


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