Friday 06/10/2006, 22:11

How do i go into ELO mode... as everytime i try to chalenge an ELO player, it says ELO players are only avilable in ELO mode

Saturday 07/10/2006, 00:24

Drink alot of beer

Saturday 07/10/2006, 05:27

Get to level 20 and then we'll start talking.

Saturday 07/10/2006, 09:37

... that doesnt realy awnser my question does it???

Saturday 07/10/2006, 10:31

Once you reach level 20, to play in ELO, you must have a valid Deck. A valid Deck follows these rules and select to play in ELO mode (the option is available in the page "My Deck" when all other conditions are fullfiled) :

- No doubles
- The characters DJ Korr, General, Kiki and Vickie are forbidden
- The sum of the levels of the characters must no be over 25.

When you begin in ELO, you will start with a value of 1000. Then, after each ELO battle, your value will go up or down based on the result of the battle and the ELO value of your opponent.

Saturday 07/10/2006, 12:43

Cool! why are DJ Korr, General, Kiki and Vickie forbidden???

Saturday 07/10/2006, 12:52

Probably cause they have a big damage. They are an one shot killer

Sunday 08/10/2006, 14:37

Vickie, Kiki, DJ Korr are not one shot killers.
Probably the abilities and the damage.

Sunday 08/10/2006, 16:31

I know they aren't, but "one shoot killer" sounds really cool smiley

Sunday 08/10/2006, 18:10

Lol yea.


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