Tuesday 14/11/2006, 20:03

1. what does Gary 's ability do?
2. whats courage do?

Wednesday 15/11/2006, 02:14

Gary's ability: damage: damage opp, makes him do damage equal to the damage of his opponent if he wins, this doesn't include fury abilities, or bonuses

courage adds the amount to your character's power if it goes first in its round, for instance, Amy has courage 3, if you put her out before the opponent puts out a card, her power will increase by 3

Wednesday 15/11/2006, 14:19

U sure about courage? I thought that the bonus power was given only at first round (no matter if the character goes first or second in the 1st round)...

Wednesday 15/11/2006, 15:12


Courage is when you choose Amy first.
For example:
If you have Amy, William, Carlos And Zdrone, If you are choosing Amy first, the ability works..


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