Friday 07/07/2006, 19:02

Please take the penalty off the give up. It's not working. Now people just wait until the game times out and they get no penalty. This is just a waste of time.

Friday 07/07/2006, 21:04


I don't understand why people do that because there is really no reason to
let the game timeout. I mean no reason at all since you get more by
losing instead of letting the game timeout.

Saturday 08/07/2006, 01:33

Ya but they do it and we then lose everything as well, i think you should penalize the time outs

Saturday 08/07/2006, 06:48

Nope, in both cases (timeout and give up) you should get your xp.

Sunday 09/07/2006, 20:57

Easiest risk management solution here is to take the penalty off the give up. That will stop people from wasting our time. They are going to time out either way -- just give the ability and reasoning to give up rather than timeout.

Also fine no penalty for time out but make a public record in that persons profile of how many times they have timed out. Maybe highlight their name in red if it is an unusally high rate like online games do for players with a low ping. It lets others know that maybe this person will timeout on you --puposely or not purposely.


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