Friday 08/09/2006, 23:26

I am so Lucky i went an bought 1000 clintz with 10 credits an then i went to the market i had 1653 i think then i said i think i shud buy Hugo but then i said isnt something cheeper so i reloaded the page(i was on the leaders only page)amber was about 2000 when i frist saw it but when i refreshed the page it was 1000 clintz for a lvl 3 Ambre lol that was great i bought it so

Saturday 09/09/2006, 17:15

There was a time you could buy any Leader for 1000 clintzsmiley

Saturday 09/09/2006, 21:50

Da da di da da da da

Memories, of the days that used to be...
Bitter sweet memories, of the way things were...

da di di da da di di

Saturday 09/09/2006, 23:51

Now you cant but sh it for 1000


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