offline Trotty Imperator Osteria da "Urban"
Monday 16/10/2006, 19:27

I fought with Ottavia at full level with bonus against Dorian full level without bonus bay i took 7 damages!
What happened?!?!?!

offline LazyHorse Imperator League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Monday 16/10/2006, 23:00

It's possible your opponent used fury. I noticed that in situations where they use fury and you absorb 2 damage with your ability/pussycat bonus it doesn't say fury or whatever, just reports the damage as usual.

offline Trotty Imperator Osteria da "Urban"
Tuesday 17/10/2006, 12:00

Uhm.... i don't remember, but i should have tought about that..... i will try again

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