offline Magnum357 Veteran  
Thursday 30/11/2006, 13:16

Sometimes i caught alot of cash so if i ever get more than a thousand my best guild member gets a free card so watch out it might be you.

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Thursday 30/11/2006, 16:01

Buying loyalty will never work if you do believe me read "THE PRINCE" macavelli, however offering help to those already loyal is just good business sense, just a thought

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Thursday 30/11/2006, 16:45

I do not want to join your guild... but can I have the free card anyway? smiley

offline MisterMoo Hero Army of Darkness
Thursday 30/11/2006, 17:44


offline adam17col Novice The knights of the round table
Friday 01/12/2006, 21:17

Wut do i have to do to join the guild

offline abby Novice  
Saturday 02/12/2006, 11:01

I maybe join ur guild but i need a example like u giving me cards then i will believe u and join ur guild.

offline KV SecaDanEVO Senior  
Saturday 02/12/2006, 14:46

He can't even sell

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