offline Ji Nius Hero  
Friday 01/12/2006, 23:48

-reDux- is an English based Guild, but all nationalities are welcome.

I'm unable to accomodate non-english speaking players at the moment (mainly because I only speak English smiley ), but I hope to rectify this in the future.

Co-operation is the rule:
Swapping tactics, advice on decks, inter-Guild competion and EVOing is the main aim of this Guild, the better we become as a Guild, the better we become individually and vice versa.

With all due respect, only players over Level 10 will be accepted (unless you can impress me. I will monitor players progress smiley ).

One other rule... in Tournaments, there are no rules!

I have spent a lot of money on Urban Rivals (check out how many cards I own), so I hope you realise that I intend -reDux- to be a long-lasting, and respected Guild.

I hope to see you soon

Ji Nius

offline Ji Nius Hero  
Saturday 02/12/2006, 00:22

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on limiting membership to level 10 and above.........


offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Saturday 02/12/2006, 03:41

Advice: if you're looking to weed out new players for talented ones, set up a defined test for them.

In general it's not good to have a "bar" to pass to join a guild because "crappy" players may have other abilities your guild may need.

offline shenbon Senior  
Saturday 02/12/2006, 03:42

Can i join?

offline Ji Nius Hero  
Sunday 03/12/2006, 14:16

Good point CK, the only reson I wanted to set a limit is because a lot of people join a Guild then never play again, I guess I'm just wanting active players smiley

offline Ji Nius Hero  
Sunday 03/12/2006, 14:55

Shenbon, course you can, i sent you an invite smiley

CK, when you say a 'defined test', have you any advice? do you mean setting time limits on levelling up or something like that?

offline Yzer Senior  
Sunday 03/12/2006, 18:14

Three things

1. Can i join?
2. For the test, they have to win a match against me!
3. I'm level 11, and... I wanna fight you *yum*

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Sunday 03/12/2006, 18:25

Definite test can be a fight but not to see who wins. Rathe to see if they know the power and order of the cards.

Use your strongest deck that is almost impossible to beat (mine is a combination of 5 star 8 powers with - damage and -attck abilities/bonus).

That way if they beat you you know they are good, but it's not about them winning it's about how they play and the strategies they use.

it's either that or a written test -- which will mean you get no players lol.

offline Yzer Senior  
Sunday 03/12/2006, 18:57

Lol, i think i'd be a better judge than you!

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Sunday 03/12/2006, 20:13

Remember again some ppl would believe that i am a better player then my associate kane but he has invaluable tools that can't be mesured by his level, so as a guild creator you must have a good BS detector, cause basing entrance apon a battle can breed discent because if they beat you some will figure why should i follow, maybe i should lead. and remember being a guild admin is hard work. this is just some freindly advise, do with it as you wish.

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