Wednesday 31/05/2006, 17:05

I think in the charecter market you should be able to sort by cost cuz i have little money and it is kind of annoying going through the whole list to find something i can afford.

Wednesday 31/05/2006, 17:11

The market will be browsable directly on the website very soon smiley

Monday 05/06/2006, 00:42

I completly agrea with Roach.

Friday 16/06/2006, 04:36

Hmmm, it appears that it's still not sortable by cost, only by clan, level, max level, and something else (don't remember right now). Would really be cool if there were more filters for all the tables (ranks, character market etc).

Friday 16/06/2006, 18:23

Umm yeah it is sortable by cost go to sort by clan then decreasing then it will show u the lowest price for each character at the time

Saturday 17/06/2006, 22:44

I don't think that's what he means. If I interpret correctly, he's asking for a
way to sort directly by cost, that is, which character costs the least. BTW,
that works for all filters except level: It shows only the cheapest instance
of a character, and for level it shows the cheapest at each level.


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