Tuesday 27/06/2006, 20:09

Hello, in this game there is lot lot lot of french, so i create his topic just to tell you that if you need help, tips, etc... i speak a little bit english, and i will be happy to answer you =)

Tuesday 27/06/2006, 22:04

I need help
im like new i need some money and some cards.im terrible with games like these so if anyone can hyelp me that would be cool

Thursday 29/06/2006, 00:48

It's not really the way i liked to help .. =p i prefer teach someone how to fish than to go fishing for him =D

Thursday 29/06/2006, 04:25

Just keep battling and you'll earn clintz, and level up your cards. your leveled up cards will be stronger, and theoretically, you should be able to win more battles and gain more clintz. eventually you'll save up enough to buy a new card or two from the market. or you could just buy some credits...smiley

Thursday 29/06/2006, 17:38

I wanted to know what the accelerate button does for you?

Friday 30/06/2006, 00:15

Xeriphos, it's to accelerate game play at battle mode.

Friday 30/06/2006, 05:17

The accelerate button makes battles faster. Saves a lot of time =D.

Friday 30/06/2006, 15:41

Hiho smiley yep , like pipboy said , we (the great frenches) are there to help you smiley
have fun =))

Monday 03/07/2006, 16:53

I have a question about game etiquette. Sometimes when a player challenges me the say "Go" or "C'est Parti!" or something like that. When they do that, are they asking for a certain type of a game like Evo?

I don't want to make anyone mad by accepting a challenge and playing my killer deck when they just wanted to evolve some low level characters.

Thanks for your advice!

Monday 03/07/2006, 18:12

Well, "Go" and "c'est parti" ("go" in french) are just pre-enter message
in the mobile game, so, no worry smiley
I think at this time, the 4 modes would be:
- standard* (play as you wish)
- elo* (play with restricted rules, chess-like ranking)
- evo (play only to level up your characters)
- old (play without using pillz)

* officials modes, the others ones are "community" rules smiley

Glad you like the game and well done for your ranking this month !


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