offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Wednesday 05/07/2006, 15:27

Is there a way to participate in the creation of the characters?

Is there an org chart to help with the stroy line. I like the way that your trying to intertwine the story lines between the clans. Your not quite succeding but your almost there.

is there a way that a card can get a "home field" advantage? That is if the background image (one for each clan) randomly generated is that of the card then that card get an advantage over non clan members. This adds yet another cariable into the fight. In real life this is a big issue for teams, and boxers.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 05/07/2006, 17:16


You can always suggest ideas for new characters, we are definitly open
to suggestions, but most peoples want level 5 cards with big stats,
wich is, as you can guess, not possible for all characters.

As for the story line, some french team started a fan fict on their
website and we'll try to improve this aspect of the game as we are
growing on the web.. as you may know, the game has been mobile only
for quite some time, and limited screen space forced us to focus on
other part of the game.

Finally, for homefield, we have some ideas for that (and extension of
it).. but certainly not before the next major release of the game. (Urban
Rivals is Clint 2, Clint 1 was "Clint 1: Fighting!"smiley.

Thanks for your message!

offline Junpei Senior  
Friday 07/07/2006, 05:56

How about a card that starts with very high stats, but actually loses
power as he levels?
it could be a sort of temporary card or a mercanary

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Friday 07/07/2006, 16:36

Thats a cool idea. makes it hard to keep him. You level him up and then you HAVE to sell him to kate cause he does nothing for your set. But, if you toss him out then your set is short one card so you have to buy more to replace him -- and the profits keep going.

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