Friday 04/08/2006, 10:30

Why does it say "the battle has timeout" even when i'm not in a battle.

I challange a player, he doesn't respond and then this stupid message flops on my can i avoid that???

Friday 04/08/2006, 19:21

I got it several times today.
My smilie is the victim of this. I never escaped a battle, because I was losing, even when the server connection failed, I reconnect and finish the battle.

An other problem is that when a battle is finished and I challange an other player, I get the message that I am still in a fight, the last round of the previous fight then continues. Sometimes I even get the text "round 5" 0_o

Friday 04/08/2006, 19:26

If you got "battle timeout" without starting a battle, it won't count on your smiley.
About the other problem: it look like you are using the java version, is it correct?

Friday 04/08/2006, 20:09

I used the java version only a few times, but I normaly play in Flash. I only got the last problem twice (in Flash). Never got problems using Java, but the Flash version is easier to use...

I wonder why my smiley is so bad....I never used the white flag or disconnected intentionaly. However, my wireless internet at home could be the cause of the server disconnections and/or me escaping battles unwillingly.

Friday 04/08/2006, 20:32

The white flag is okay to use: you'll get a battle points penalty but it's considered "fair use" smiley
Your internet connexion is certainly the cause of your smiley face. I believe you know you can rejoin quickly the battle and finish the match.

Saturday 05/08/2006, 10:39

OK, thanks for your help.

Yesterday my internet worked perfectly => my smily is green again...nice


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