offline PTD}badazs Veteran  
Saturday 16/09/2006, 13:53

smileysmileysmileyVERY CONFUSED?

does it form by itself? or do u have to activate it...i am hearing it every where,i am completiely lost pplz..thnks 4 heping if u dosmileysmileysmiley

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Saturday 16/09/2006, 19:22

Do you mean Guild or Clan?

A Guild is a collection of players, gathered for the betterment of thier play.

A Clan is like a Guild, but in the fictional Clint City world. Every card belong to Clans. With the Clan a Card gets a Bonus.

To activate bonus to clan members must be inthe same playing hand.

To activate a guild a player must be (i think) over level 10. She/he creates it in the guild area. To join a guild you must be level 5 or over.

Hope this answers you q's

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