Wednesday 27/09/2006, 02:44

smileysmileyI personally think the time out timer takes too long. Truthfully takes longer to timeout then it does to accually accept and finish an entire match. One timeout I coulda finished two battles in the time it took for the bozo to time out. I'm not saying I'm complaining, just suggesting either ya guys come up with a way we can set the timeout per match, or shorten the time out please. In truth even newbs should be quicker then a min and a half. (Not sure on exact time of timeout, but seems like forever at times.

Thursday 28/09/2006, 16:39

Why not make a list of time out players? I am starting one if it happens twice i wont play them

Thursday 28/09/2006, 19:14

Well in theory that's what the smiley faces are for. I've had more problems with the non-answering players, where the timer for that is completely random. It can be as short as 30 seconds or take up to 3-4 minutes to tell me the player isn't responding.

Friday 29/09/2006, 12:46

It is not random at all:
30 seconds if the player do not receive the challenge (20s during tournament)
3 minutes if the player has received the challenge (2m during tournament)

Friday 29/09/2006, 17:51

It would be nice, if all players gain possibility to Mark players which he do not want to play - for example because of timeout.

Friday 29/09/2006, 17:54

About timeout - i thing, that especially 3 minutes if the player has received the challenge when waiting on tournament is really to much - 1 minute is enought

Sunday 01/10/2006, 01:07

What i think would be nice is if you are winning a battle and it times out on your opponents turn you get credit for the win ... so u get the same battle points and clintz you would have got if the battle had finished

Sunday 01/10/2006, 07:31

Thats wont be good because everyone would just make lots of accounts an let there clone time-out an there main account gets a credit thats preety dumb.

Sunday 01/10/2006, 09:30

It is corrected by that if you repeatly battle the same player, winning is reduced to 1 battle point and 1 clintz.
BTW it is easy to find this people, the same IP adress and repeadly time out. It is good idea say that it is forbidden and if somebody do it, then ... (may be blocked account for 1 month and deleted all other multi accounts or something like that)

Sunday 01/10/2006, 23:01

What stops people creating lots of clones and just playing themselves and loosing on purpose anyway to get lots of credits ?

I think its dumb when you play someone and they use all pillz to build up their character and leave or when someone's only got one life left and leave and you get nothing ... thats dumb


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