Friday 29/09/2006, 19:31

How long has this new email system been available? I've been drowned in work for the past 2 weeks.

Friday 29/09/2006, 20:53

Approximatly, 3 hours before your message.
But they are the same message as before.. just a more convenient way to use it (for some people).

Friday 29/09/2006, 21:36

Please add chat room

Saturday 30/09/2006, 11:19

I Don`t think that chat room is a good idea because very many people play on there mobbiles

Saturday 30/09/2006, 12:28

I think a chatroom is not a bad idea but, for the fact that their are still a lot of mobile players, do not incorporate it into the game. Make it purely a website thing.

Saturday 30/09/2006, 15:31

No i never mid about the chat room it`s a good idea but still it`s bad because of mobiles

Saturday 30/09/2006, 16:09

One of the other reason we don't include a chat right now is because it would slow down the pace of the game.
We want the game to be as simple and fast to play as possible.
We believe guild's forums, messaging are the "social" parts of the game.


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