offline Dompa Senior  
Wednesday 08/11/2006, 20:01

They say when you buy something at the shop you can sell your cards.I did that and i stil cant sell my cards.please help me

offline LazyHorse Imperator League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Wednesday 08/11/2006, 23:50

You have to pay money to buy credits in order to sell on the market, meaning if you saved up credits from tournaments and bought a pack with them, it would NOT work.

offline ByteBandit Hero Dirty DogZ
Thursday 09/11/2006, 00:39

You need to spend some money on credits to be able to sell, you won't be able to sell if you buy a deck with the credits you have earned in tournaments

offline Samui Guru Dirty DogZ
Thursday 09/11/2006, 00:41

You should be able to sell after bying credits from the shop!

Try one of these:

1. Log out and in again or,
2. If it doesn't help, then buy something from the shop (that's why you bought credits right?!? smiley )

Hopefully it helps... smiley


offline Min137 Hero  
Thursday 09/11/2006, 02:56

Would it be the same as buying credits using clintz?

offline Min137 Hero  
Thursday 09/11/2006, 03:02

Sorry, I meant buy creditz with credits u earn?

offline LazyHorse Imperator League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Thursday 09/11/2006, 18:14

No, if it's credits you got from participating in tournaments, it will not work.

Basic rule of thumb - If somewhere along the line you/someone else did NOT spend real life money (credit card, phone, paypal whatever) to get the credits, it ain't gonna work.

offline Dompa Senior  
Saturday 11/11/2006, 20:13

Thanks evryone

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