Sunday 12/11/2006, 06:06

I wana know somethin... are the leaders related to clans? well it doenst make any difference but just wana kno

Ashigaru > Fan Pi Clang
Timber > Roots ?
Hugo maybe Montana?
Ambre looks like undead.. i mean Nightmare to me

Sunday 12/11/2006, 15:55

Id like to think that was the case but their clan is Leader smiley lol

Sunday 12/11/2006, 16:24

No Leader is not a clan.....(thats why theire "clan"bonus is cancel Leader)

Sunday 12/11/2006, 18:49

Jolly, that's not what he meant...

Anyway, i don't think that they are related with a particular clan... only Ashigaru seems to have a past link with the Fang Pi Clang.

Sunday 12/11/2006, 19:04

I could c Ashigaru but i also see how Hugo fits in with Montana because Montana is like a kinda maffi convict feel and so does Hugo

Sunday 12/11/2006, 19:32

Mhh... could be...

Sunday 12/11/2006, 20:08

Timber totally looks like Roots kinda like Billy Bob

Sunday 12/11/2006, 21:00

Bridget is like a Sentinel

hmmm, Morphun won't have clan until they make a Matrix spoof, but right now, i'd say Junkz

Vansaar is hard to catagorize... probably La Junta for the sole fact that he's military

Monday 13/11/2006, 23:48

Rejected by his own family because of his dreadful secret, Armand found a place to rest in the Northern Mountains, along with his friend Timber. Approched by the Roots , he decided to join them, convinced by their ideal and homemade beer

A link between Timber and Roots


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