Sunday 12/11/2006, 21:07

How many Simalarities can you find between UR and real world/movie references?

Montana=Tony Montana from scarface

Morphun=Morpheus from the Matrix

Bodenpower=Baden Powell, founder of Boy Scouts

Don=the Godfather

Cell=Gollum, from LOTR

Matthew=generic hippy

Monday 13/11/2006, 00:08

Python it's like solid snake (like i say a little ago)
Lost Hog reminds me of xzibit, the rapper XD
Keanew --> Neo from matrix

Monday 13/11/2006, 01:06

Keanew @ lvl3 = Neo from Matrix as well, i think

Sakrom = Scientology, perhaps?

Charlie = Kill Bill references

Yaman = sounds rastafarian to me

Fifty = 50cent, no prizes for guessing that

Endora @ lvl3 = Snow White & the 7 Drawves reference

Monday 13/11/2006, 07:48

Tyler=Brad Pitt each level is a different movie role
2 is a river runs through it, 3 and 4 im not sure maybe that seven deadly sins movie for 3 and fight club is five, for his charactes name is Tyler

Monday 13/11/2006, 07:53

Tyler=Brad Pitt from Fight Club, his lv 2 is from a river runs through it, not sure what 2 movies his other levels are from

Monday 13/11/2006, 11:46

Kinjo --> Gen from street fighter alpha series
Yookie --> Chewbacca from star wars

Monday 13/11/2006, 14:53

With Yookie its in the name, half sasquatch

Tuesday 14/11/2006, 06:08


Tuesday 14/11/2006, 10:47

Lost hog is ghost dog from the movie with the same name

Tuesday 14/11/2006, 11:27

Might now be Ms/Mrs.T thoughsmiley


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