offline freshcat Veteran  
Tuesday 30/05/2006, 16:16

Only one wish regarding this game: speed it up! After all, it's not chess, you can think quicker than that! Please include some way of limiting each player's time in each turn. Nice game otherwise smiley

offline Dr Ido Master  
Tuesday 30/05/2006, 16:38

Maybe you're not aware of that, but an important number of the other players are using the mobile version of the game, and mobiles phones internet connection are not very fast and often failed, thus the delay.

offline Z Earth Novice  
Tuesday 30/05/2006, 19:01

And to be precise, there is a time limit of 4 minutes to play for each turn.
(might be reduced in the future)

offline Dume333 Senior  
Saturday 03/06/2006, 18:00

I don't think there should be a time limit at all becouse
some people have realy slow computers.

offline crazykiller Senior  
Monday 05/06/2006, 16:53

Eys but don't you think that there is people who just sit there eating up time to screw other peopel over during tournaments just because they can, because i don't wanna lose a point but tehn again i don't wanna sit there for 4 minutes

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Friday 09/06/2006, 19:12

I like the timing. It IS chess. (even a bit harder due to so many combos and variables). Siking out an opponent (so that they say screw this and leave) is a very real and valid tactic. Leave the time limit where it is (4 min). it;s perfect.

offline razorborne Novice Army of Darkness
Monday 19/06/2006, 03:50

I disagree with viva. Siking out an opponent is just being a jerk. yes,
you could make the fight take over 16 minutes, but if someone did that
to me, I'd probably come straight to the boards (or at least message
my guild) and say "Don't fight this guy. he's a jerk." Or I might use
more colorful language, depending on the situation. I don't support
lowering the time limit though, because some people have slow
connections, and getting a few jerks who may or may not exist isn't
worth making the game innaccessible to them.

offline TnC-Macthorpe Imperator Tea
Monday 19/06/2006, 10:38

Waiting out a fight like Orlolro does is especially annoying during tournaments. If like me you can sometimes only be on for an hour of a tournament and you want to leave yourself in a strong position to be in the top 50% for a credit. Then you try to fit in as many games as possible. It's happened to me a few times when I have been just top 50% but also once when I was pushing for a top 3 finish with fifteen minutes to go(pre new tourney rules). I ended up shouting at my monitor and cursing my opponent (literaly with bones and the blood of a young dear!). Razorborne makes a good point about slower connections. I say leave the time limit as it is.

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