offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Thursday 01/06/2006, 14:43

No one wants to fight me, they are all to slow to realize it means nothing.

offline Dr Ido Master  
Thursday 01/06/2006, 14:58

I don't think people are afraid, they probably believe that you choose to play in ELO and thus will refuse challenge from "non Elo" players.

The easiest way not to be in Elo mode is to have a deck over 25 points (1 points per level for each character, a lvl 3 is 3 points) or to have the same card twice (possibly at different levels) in your deck. That is if you don't want to play in Elo mode smiley

You can find more information on the ELO mode in the Game Rules pages

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