Tuesday 06/06/2006, 15:28

You know what woudl be really cool and nice IF you could add into the game to see who is on Cell phones Because since they take so long it would be nice to know that it is a Cell phone user instead of us just thinking it is someone who is tryiign to time out you know, Yeah if you can't understand that at all let me know

Tuesday 06/06/2006, 15:45

I understand but we are reluctant of distinguising mobile and web players because we don't want web players to avoid mobile players. And actually, most "cowards" are from the web smiley

Friday 09/06/2006, 19:08

Sometimes the mobile guys connection make the game very slow.

I'm a computer based user. I was wondering how do I get the java app for my blackberry 3970?

Friday 09/06/2006, 19:31

Blackberry is very.. special kind of phone. We'll take a look but don't count
too much on it.

Friday 09/06/2006, 19:47

It uses JAVA so I was hoping same app would work smiley

Friday 09/06/2006, 19:50

I cannot find any info on this blackberry.
Can you try the Sony Ericsson K750i version on your handset (just follow
the instruction) ?

Friday 09/06/2006, 19:57

BB 7290. Sorry. Uses Java from Sun Micro.

Saturday 10/06/2006, 06:15

Could you try the sony ericsson K500 version?
The display might be centered in the screen but it should works.
Let me know smiley


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