offline biduin Titan ELITE_LTU
Wednesday 16/08/2006, 17:19

I`ve got 1 question about credits
i have 10 credits i can buy in the shop 1000 clintz if i`ll buy them after purchase will i be able to sell/trade Characters not to Kate?

offline Fraggle Titan  
Wednesday 16/08/2006, 17:50

Hello, sorry i'm afraid it won't allow trading afterwards. Selling will be unlocked forever after a -credits- purchase at the shop (starts at
2 euros).

offline Fraggle Titan  
Wednesday 16/08/2006, 17:51

But keep in mind you can already buy characters using your clintz!

offline biduin Titan ELITE_LTU
Thursday 17/08/2006, 06:21

That`s bad i`ll never be abk
le to buy some credits :'''''''''{

offline VanillaMummy Master The Gathering
Thursday 17/08/2006, 06:57

I think that you should be allowed to sell on the market after you buy something with credits. Buying a pack with credits earned from tourneys only take a long enough time that there wouldn't be a huge amount of people cheating using multi accounts.

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Thursday 17/08/2006, 07:50

I dont get the whole cheating thing....

If you make a new account then you can trade your good cards with another of your account => this is cheating

Working hard for your credits (you have to place yourself in the first half of all the people during the tournament) and they spend them on a new deck => not cheating

Maybe i forgot something.....

offline Fraggle Titan  
Thursday 17/08/2006, 07:54

We usally run promotions with free credits (or poll, events.. whatever). We cannot distinguish "earn credits" (by
playing) from "free credits" (by promo).
Anyway, it's a 2 euros thing for a lifetime, if you really like the game and if you want to sell your cards, it's not much
to ask for (I think).

offline VanillaMummy Master The Gathering
Thursday 17/08/2006, 16:09

I wasn't aware there were polls and events that got your more credits, I thought the only credits you could get are tourneys and buying them.

I suppose you have a point then...

offline A Ravenshadow Veteran The Gathering
Thursday 17/08/2006, 23:24

2 Euros (or £1.74) is pocket change for the most part smiley

offline Cannon Evo Master  
Friday 18/08/2006, 02:05

Yea.. but urban rivals is connected to the world
and NEWSFLSH not everyone in the world trades in euros
the payment method are still limited..
my say is earning ur credits should allow u to sell on the market

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