Sunday 20/08/2006, 14:05

Can someone please explain how pills work, and how you increase the starting value of cards pillz?

Sunday 20/08/2006, 14:14

The pillz are useful quite simply has to multiply the power your
perso. Example: you 4 pillz plays on a perso which has 5 in power what
makes 4*5 = 20 in attacks. In naps that increases the chances to beat
the perso of your adversarysmiley. It should be noted that the "fury" once
to activate increases the damage of tone perso of 2 points but 3 pillz
consumes a blowsmiley

Sunday 20/08/2006, 17:29

And is there anyway to increase the starting value of your perso's pillz?

Sunday 20/08/2006, 22:12

There is a card that can give you a extra pill per turn, that card, is Morphun

Monday 21/08/2006, 00:14

Slane, most of the answer that you seek are in the Game Rules link on the left.


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