offline cBp_Fojtik Colossus Czech Beer Power
Monday 21/08/2006, 12:14

I cannot write in discussion with this topic, that's why I write it as new subject.

Biduin wrote
i`ve got 1 question about credits. i have 10 credits i can buy in the shop 1000 clintz if i`ll buy them after purchase will i be able to sell/trade Characters not to Kate?

Fraggle wrote
Hello, sorry i'm afraid it won't allow trading afterwards. Selling will be unlocked forever after a -credits- purchase at the shop (starts at 2 euros).

Why is it? I should understand if it is because owners want some money for their work. But it is presented that it is against cheaters. If it is only to destroy cheating players, why it cannot be unblocked for example by 20. level of player.
It is true that for some people it is very hard to buy something through internet. For me it is hard too. In Czech republic works Paypal less than 1 year. And it is hard to get it. I'm not cheater and want to sell my characters. I win about 3000 clintz in tourneys and buy 4 characters. Want to sell unneedful.

offline 2cool Master --[*Urban dudez*]--
Monday 21/08/2006, 19:26

Yeah i agree to tht even if fragglew wants to increase the minimum level limit i dont care pls check to this its really imp for people like us

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Tuesday 22/08/2006, 06:39

The answers is like 5 topics below and we said many times that this rules is not gonna change anytime soon.

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