Tuesday 19/09/2006, 22:56

He beat me 9-0 then i re-challenged him about 10 mins later
had him beat, and on last card he timed out
LVL 43 -- 30th ranked quitter baby wimp! smiley smiley smiley
BEWARE of him!

Tuesday 19/09/2006, 23:54

I feel your pain, it happened with me too with another guy. smiley

There's also the ones who time out at the very beginning of the match, when they see that your deck can beat theirs. One of those guys in the top 25 as well.

Wednesday 20/09/2006, 03:35

Haha you got owned

Wednesday 20/09/2006, 17:33

Im a newbie and wondered about the time outs...game should peg the ones that do it with a penalty...also on your last card why do the players take so long??? isnt like they have a choice

Wednesday 20/09/2006, 17:41

I dontn see the point in letting it time

Wednesday 20/09/2006, 17:54

The point is that if your losing if you let it timeout your ELO points doesnt go down.

Wednesday 20/09/2006, 18:12

I hate it when the last 3 fights in get in a tourny all time out when theres only 10 minutes left

Wednesday 20/09/2006, 19:32


Thursday 21/09/2006, 18:06

It doesnt matter as much in regular play, but in ELO mode it sux

Thursday 21/09/2006, 20:11

People should loose ELO points for timeout.


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