offline 101fLy Senior  
Tuesday 19/09/2006, 23:09

smileysmileysmileyu guys suck i want to trade characters weith a friend and it says i need to buy credits!!!


offline WILimanjaro Hero  
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 00:02

The system is in place because of the following example:

Person X makes account (reffered to as orig).
Person X makes alternate accounts (alts).
Person X has alts play and get low cost cards
Person X has alts trade all but low cost cards to orig
Person X uses cards to improve deck/sells for clintz
Person X makes profit.
With enough people doing that, the company who runs this would need to shut this game down.

offline TouchMeSoftly Hero Code of Chivalry
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 03:36

Get a job

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 20:02

Realy poor people dont got acces to internet.....

offline liam0099493 Novice  
Wednesday 20/09/2006, 21:24

I am poor to

offline -Xoric Titan lonely fighters
Thursday 21/09/2006, 11:21

Me too, i'm a poor student but that doesn't stop me from buying creds lol smiley

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 15:38

I love being an adult... bills bills bills bills 50 bucks for creds bills bills bills bills... does the cycle ever stop?

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Thursday 21/09/2006, 17:31

Nope, not until you die

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Thursday 21/09/2006, 18:01


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