If you want in on the ground floor...... join URBAN REBELS guild

Monday 02/10/2006, 22:33

Fresh, HOT out of the oven guild. Just itching to make a name for it self.... BUT !!.... it needs YOU!!!!
Out of the first few members will come the future admins and UR has more plans for guilds down the road.... don't miss out!

ALL WELCOME (especially those who call Canada home)

We will be the biggest and most envied guild...if YOU all join. See Ya :o)

Monday 09/10/2006, 15:54

Hey i will join tell me how

Monday 09/10/2006, 15:54

Message me

Tuesday 10/10/2006, 14:31

LOL Youve got to work hard to be the biggest. The Moogle Mafia used to have 150 members. Then we decided to crop it and cut 50 of our guys. We're keeping it around 100 right now smiley
IF you can beat that, i suppose I'll have to go recruiting again smiley The Moogle Mafia will always be the biggest clan smiley
Good luck to you anyways... bob...

Tuesday 10/10/2006, 19:52

Nothing says high quality like a zerg-guild!

Wednesday 11/10/2006, 02:24

If you want a guild that is big and has weight, then ain't nobody like the good ole ARMY OF DARKNESS, as 10/11/06 sports 93 members and is ranked 39th in guild rankings

Wednesday 11/10/2006, 19:14

And we are not newbies like the moogle mafifa XP

Friday 13/10/2006, 00:24

LOL Arshner smiley We are not newbies... we just dont play very often... Yeah... thats right... smiley

We are larger than just Urban Rivals and have other games we play too. Of coures NONE of them are more fun than Urban Rivals *coughs* smiley

Wednesday 25/10/2006, 22:21

How do i join?


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